What we do

WATER PURE FOR R.O UNITS are one of big & huge specializes companies in water treatment filed all over the world, we have perfect and suitable solution in water treatment filed attached with the new water treatment technologies all over the world, we are connected and part of the huge companies in these filed like Dow Filmtec – Hydranutics – Toray – Grandfose – KSB – DAP – Lowara – Pentair – Codeline – Wavesyber Fleck – Clack – …ect.

WATER PURE FOR R.O UNITS-maintain –operate –install –assemble –manufacture … ect all water treatment units under the specifications and measurements due the source water nature and the treatment needed and suitable to the clients end use.

WATER PURE FOR R.O UNITS find in markets more than 25 years, which give the more experiences for it by its huge management, engineers & technicians and all their stuff.

WATER PURE FOR R.O UNITS worked especially in Reverse Osmosis Units “R.O” water treatment units and water treatment spare parts:

1- Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Units


2- Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Units


3- Refinement Water Treatment Units